First Three Episode Titles of Season 3 Revealed

Rise and shine Zoms! I know it’s been a while and we have a few more months to go. But, April is so close and we’ve waited so long! Well, I have risen from the dead to bring you some happy news. Eric Goldman, the executive editor of IGN; received a disc with the first three episodes of season three recently. And because he’s so nice, he decided to reveal the names of such titles! Behold!:

S3E1: Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother
S3E2: Zombie Knows Best
S3E3: Eat, Pray, Liv

Season 3 of iZombie will kick off with a two episode premiere. Just like their season 2 finale. Which, I believe after pretty much waiting a year for the third season – we deserve two hours of zombie goodness! Season 3 will premiere on April 4, 2017 and will begin at 8pm and end its two part start at 10pm.

Unfortunately, the third season will only feature thirteen episodes. If you remember, season 1 only had thirteen, while season 2 had nineteen. This decision for a short season was most likely due to the ungodly long hiatus we had to go through.No word on whether or not we will get a 4th season, but Rob Thomas is hopeful (and so are we!).

In the meantime, check out the #BehindTheBrains tag on Twitter and absolutely tune into iZombie Podcast With Robin and Steph for their rewatch!

Source: GamenGuide

This article was written by TC_Stark


Christian Today Gets it Wrong

If you’re turning to news site Christian Today for your zombie news, you maybe misled on a few things. In an article published on November 2nd, accusations of season three of iZombie being its last were made. While we’re not sure who exactly reads this site (though, admittedly even I’ve gotten news from them…which, was probably wrong), if there are people who have, don’t fret!


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NYCC and Other News

As usual, New York Comic Con was a massive success. There were probably the most amount of people I’ve seen in my five years of attending and it was probably the most organized (kudos to the staff!). I actually went both Saturday and Sunday this year, which was the first time I was able to go for more than one day (this was thanks to Super Hero Stuff for letting me volunteer for them on Sunday).

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iZombie: The Comic

As a self-proclaimed “nerd”, it’s probably not in my best interest to admit I don’t often read comics. I often enjoy live actions versions of comic books and then read about the stories to understand what any TV show or movie I’m watching. I know, I’m a terrible fan. So, I knew iZombie was based off a comic. I had seen the artwork and have done my own background research, even prior to my employment at iZombie Support Group.

When I finally got my hands on the iZombie comic, I was excited because the show has pretty much risen up the list to my favorite show currently airing on TV. I wasn’t prepared, though; for how much I would actually enjoy our show’s origins.

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Look Out iZombie Fans, We May Be Getting Our Brains on Friday Next Season

Now listen up my fellow Zoms, this article is not meant to send you into “full on Zombie mode” It’s quite possible we are wrong and if we’re not, it’s quite possible that everything will work out. Regardless, we feel it is our duty to keep our shambling comrades informed of certain things that are going down so they are not too surprised if it does happen. Continue reading

Interviewing Andre Tricoteux (Chief)

Get ready for a good one, Zoms! I sat down to chat with the actor behind one of my favorite season 2 characters: Andre Tricoteux. Andre plays Chief: Blaine’s silent bodyguard at Shady Plots (funeral home). Appearing for about a second in the first episode of season 2, his character shows up more and more as the episodes progress; as well as developing with each time we see him on screen.

Unfortunately, Chief (*SPOILER*) does meet a tragic end in season 2’s finale, but Andre was nice enough to chat with me about his time on iZombie.

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Season Three Filming

It’s a great week to be a zombie! Well…an iZombie fan, at least! Even though we have to wait until midseason to get season three of our favorite show, season two is now available on both Blu Ray & DVD!


You can buy both S1 &S2 on Amazon!

The other great news is that season 3 will start filming on July 25th! That’s just a little over a week away. We’ve already seen the actors tweeting pictures of each other in preparation, so you know we’re going to get some yummy behind-the-scenes shots along the way. Continue reading